About Us

Guangdong Cheng Shun union Alpha Cpa Ltd (referred to as Cheng Shun) was formerly known as Guangdongintegrity audit firm, was founded in December 17, 1994, is affiliated to Guangdong Provincial Department;Guangdong integrity auditing firm in December 31, 1999 according to the unified deployment of the State Council, to complete the restructuring work, and changed its name to Guangdong Cheng Shun union Alpha Cpa Ltd. Address in Guangzhou City, Tianhe District No. 179 Tianhe North Road, 16 floor. Currently has two branch offices in Dongguan City, Foshan city. In addition, Cheng Shun is also the city of Guangzhou, several judicial accountingidentification only one, except for the court, the procuratorate and the public security organs, the Arbitration Commission to do economic case verification at the same time, also use the handling of the economy, complicated judicial accounting identification process of dispute and the years of the historical issue of accumulated experienceprovides asset preservation, a lot of internal management consulting and other professional services forenterprises.

Cheng Shun people-oriented, bringing together a number of both a solid theoretical basis, and high-quality talentrich practical experience. All the existing employees 176 people (including: total 119 people, 26 people of South China Sea Branch, Dongguan branch 31), all kinds of professionals: 49 certified public accountants, registered tax agent 20, 15 certified asset appraiser, real estate appraiser 5, project cost division 12, senior accountant, senior the auditor, senior Engineer 5. The whole staff of Bachelor degree or above accounted for more than 60% per cent of the.

Cheng Shun in accordance with the national industry franchise requirements, will assess and project cost is separated from the original business of CPA firm, up to now, has institutions:

1, Guangdong Cheng Shun union Alpha Cpa Ltd

2, Guangdong Cheng Shun judicial accounting identification;

3, Guangdong Cheng Shun tax firm limited company;

4, Guangdong Cheng Shun Engineering Cost Consulting Co., ltd.;

5, Guangzhou Cheng Shun assets and Real Estate Appraisal Co., ltd;

6, in the Qin Wanxin Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership) Guangzhou branch;

The above six professional institutions are under the unified leadership of the Cheng Shun of the management committee, the implementation of unified deployment, unified management, to better provide a different nature of the service for customers, including engineering cost has grade a qualification, tax attestation with GuangdongProvince the highest AAA qualification.

After ten years of continuous development, Cheng Shun gradually become a diversified and large-scale business road, comprehensive strength and service capabilities in more than 100 accounting firm in Guangzhou city in the top five in Guangzhou in 2009, the assessment of the quality of the tax bureau and local tax bureau, in more than 300 certified public accountants and tax accountants being rated for the 12 class AAA firms only in 2010, in the joint efforts of all staff, the income reached a record high, reaching about 50000000 yuan (including branch). In 2013 6menstrual China registered accountants association to obtain the comprehensive evaluation of top 100 (rank 78).

In the development process, we always adhere to the "quality reputation, credibility and development, honesty,integrity oriented" principle of service, host and well completion of all types of enterprises, institutions, social organizations, government agencies entrusted audit, evaluation, judicial accounting identification and engineering cost, tax agent etc. business, with high quality service has been recognized by customers, has won a good social reputation, firm since its inception has never had a record of bad practice.